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PRINTED BOOKS - In-line with many publishing houses around the world we do not print large quantities of books. No, instead we use the PRINT ON DEMAND system. Once you have ordered your copy of one of Steven's books here online or through your local bookstore, on-line with for example Amazon then normally the book will be printed within one to two working days and sent first class by post to you.


Copies of Steven's books are always available at events where he is speaker and in some countries books are available from selected bookshops. A listing of these bookshops will be in place quite soon. (May 2011).


AUDIO RECORDINGS A growing selection of audio recordings made by Steven of both his books as well as readings from his other works and talks are available. The complete listing is under RECORDINGS CENTRE here on the website and all titles can be found by making a short simple search on the iTunes library.


E-BOOKS - Can I order and download e-book versions of Steven's books? We did explore the option of making the second edition of 'LIFE'S MEANING FOR TODAY' in e-book format but given that people use and benefit from the written version where they can open a page at random or, as in the case with 'LIFE'S MEANING JOURNAL' open a page at random and write their own thoughts or quotes then we have decided that the e-book is not a good format for this style or philosophy and personal development.

Yes, other books written by Steven are available to download in E-BOOK format directly to your computer or e-book reader.



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