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I offer you a clear, accurate, one to one private reading with me either in person here in London or via phone given we do not have to be in the same room to work productively together.

The reading and resulting accurate discussion on how to practically translate these powerful insights into your day to day life progresses for an hour.

Start by changing elements of your life today as these people have:

' I feel privileged to have met this man with such a rare and special gift ' Carolyn C.

' I don't feel I really have words to do justice to Steven's talents I just know he has changed my life ' Karen M.

' Steven talked with vision and clarity. He is in a league of his own, truly unique ' Ensa P.

' No secret approaches or obscure ideas, just a caring person, deep and intense in his beliefs with this unique charismatic warmth and unconditional understanding. His life experience in learning, sharing but overall caring in an unpretentious way just makes you feel both understood and that you are not fighting alone ' Mr. Jean J.

One conversation with you, Steven, helped me to resolve to follow my dreams, my heart, despite doubt, fear or guilt. Your overview of your work encapsulates my approach to life and what I endeavour to share with others wherever possible. We live in a world of expectations and measurements of success or failure imposed by others. Many of us live in prisons of our own making, never realising we hold the key to the prison door. You helped me to find my key and use it.


To book an appointment with me you can either:



(+44) 020 7193 2994



I look forward to hearing from you.

My fee is 60 pounds per session and each session is one hour.

Psychic Energy Readings

I have been working with people since 1988 having studied at The College of Psychic Studies, London. My energy work has run parallel with my career in psychology, counselling and psychotherapy which means that I work with the three dimensional world as well as the fourth dimensional elements linking with psychic energy work.

If you wish, from our initial reading, we can schedule further discussions so that we can work together and translate the insights gained from our initial reading into your day to day life and the necessary and sometimes challenging (where support is needed) changes which have to be made to align with true self expression in our life.

How does the psychic energy reading work?

I have always been able to read energy in people but never shared such reading insights gained unless the person ask me to do this. Why? Because if they ask then it means that the person is open and ready in their life to engage with other aspects of their true self and explore a broader expression at this point in their life.

How do we use the insights gained or affirmed in our psychic reading?

From our initial reading I reflect back what you have always known in outline or buried deep within your dreams or psyche and now from our reading a perspective which enables the key elements to be clear in your conscious mind. The wisest person you will ever meet is you but how many times are we told that this is not so." Steven others know more than we know and that in our life we are here to learn." No, we are here to express what we know often deep within ourselves.

How do we overcome blocks in our life which prevents our full expression?

We live part of our life in a three dimensional world which we engage with when we wake each day from sleep. Making and sustaining changes or, for that matter, embracing elements of our life with true clarity requires us to work with our conscious day to day thinking from such inner knowing. Here my skills since beginning working in psychology in 1981 on conscious waking conflict help to reconcile our inner self and our vision with the demands of day to day living when linked with a psychic reading.








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