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THE POWER OF CARING DEDICATED WEBSITE Here you can read about and download as my gift to you FREE resources as well as join in with online discussion groups and whole host of other resources to embrace the power of caring in your life and begin living life without boundaries.

LIFE'S MEANING FOR TODAY A website dedicated the core ideas and principles explored in my book series 'Life's Meaning for Today and simple, practical ways to take ideas to another level'.

DYNAMIC COGNITION THE DC EFFECT IN YOUR LIFE I created my philosophy of dynamic cogntion in 2001 and people have used this on a day to day basis with what they report as some startling results. Life isn't about money and possessions although they help when put in perspective. No, The DC Effect is a simple, accessible and effective model to sustain a day to day connection with True Self. The results are often subtle clarity gained from a simple clear love of self.

IS THIS IT ? Which is a central resource I created in 2005 for people asking such a question at this point in their lives. We may have achieved beyond our wildest imagining or it may be the case that we have reached a point in our lives where we wish to understand who we are, why we are here and celebrate all that we have achieved. But hang on, for some people it may be that a crisis point in their lives has created this self same question. Join us as we explore that central question in our lives.


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