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I decided to create this page on the site for a whole host of reasons. Since the publication of the second edition of my last book 'Life's Meaning for Today' many people from around the world have made direct contact with me. They had so much to share. So many reflections and insights, experiences and remarkable tales of the events and insights which had composed their lives.

How to join and contribute to our community. Whilst many attend the seminars and talks which I and my colleagues offer internationally with the expansion of the internet it is easy for people to share in others experiences and resulting insights. At the bottom of the page you can see the various ways to join in, listen, read, share and if you wish contribute.

No more so is community contact important than in terms of the forthcoming book to be published by me at the beginning of April 2013 entitled 'The Power of Caring in Health and Healing'. Please note that there is free recording and an ebook of the original seminar discussion available from this website. Simply follow this link here. (This link will take you directly to the website we have created devoted to The Power of Caring (

Whilst the content of the original seminar from 1989 focused on the survival and return to health of a terminal patient some twenty five years ago the key elements relate to the power of caring, initially for ourselves with a connection with True Self and then from this all important place of clarity communicating clearly with others.

My colleagues and I plan to hold The Power of Caring seminars, initially here in the UK and expanding worldwide however I have to make this seminar and resulting support available to everyone and so we are working to create an online support group here within our community section of this website. Watch this space or simply contact me at to express your initial interest.

With the advent of social media and the multitude of connections which result from the ever expanding internet presence what else could I do than use this website as a spring board to connect people and bring our ideas together to share and explore with others.

Below are the current selection of online discussion groups which I have created.

If you wish to participate in exploring and discussing with myself and others then I have created a Yahoo discussion group which I have called 'Stevenwarren'sworld' -details below.


Learning More and Making Contact +44 (0) 207 193 2994

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Our online discussion group with Yahoo. Please follow the link below to join the group, start reading, watching videos and accessing links and of course, when you are ready, to contribute to our online discussion.


If you wish to contact me or you have read the latest books and would like to comment then I look forward to hearing from you. Contact us Would you like to be regularly up-dated on my work and the work of my colleagues? Then please sign up for my newsletter. Don't worry I shall not bombard you with information and only send occasional up-dates.

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