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BSc (Hons)., MSc., Dip Couns.

About My Work


My life's work is about helping people find and express their intuitive guidance. My approach is down to earth because I want to make sure that people are able to readily translate such inner guidance into a tangible practical expression in all areas of their life.

Some need crisis which forces them to become aware of talents, strengths, courage or love which before the event they never fully realised they possessed. Clearly at such times we realise how we are equipped with all the resources to live life to the full.

What driving force is helping in making the choices? What is success? Truly successful people constantly build on their life expression by discovering the many facets of who they are. They have a zest for life and express this in everything they do.

Relate these factors to what is now becoming a well documented area of medical research in the press and media. Health, vitality and illness are not always about what we eat or how much we exercise. They are about our attitude of mind.

What experiences we draw to ourselves by both our conscious actions and our unconscious frustrations. It is now scientifically proven how our mind exerts far greater control through our brain on our body's function and particularly our immune system.

In life goal setting is not always the answer for it can become a temporary stilted experience inviting failure just as easily as success. In life we are not studying for an occasional diploma or degree.

As well as creating goals we need to reflect on our experiences and how we make sense of them. If you like making sense of our personal history and all that you need for such a foundation can be found within you. There are no rules to be learned for life is about expressing what we already know. There is no extra information which will provide to unlock the perfect solution.

It is all about our attitude of mind so we need an approach, not a technique or secret tool. No, a simple approach which is personally meaningful so we incorporate change quickly and efficiently into our lives. I present ideas to people which will feed the mind and imagination and sustain an effect beyond the initial issues to create a long-term change and which we can build and express our needs in our lives


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